Monday, February 14, 2011

Crystals for Valentine Day

I made this Swarovski Crystal bracelet with hand made crystal button and matching pendant. My Valentine to myself to match my new sweater! I love presents!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow! Posting From Android Phone Is Great

So, wonder why they (who is "they" anyway) named it Android? Does anyone know? This Evo phone is awesome. I can post pics and upload them right from phone camera. Geez, I feel so smart!! But it's really Android!  This netting stitched necklace took way over 100 hours to complete.  I hope the lucky raffle winner appreciates it! Going to good cause, Tanglewood Cancer Benefit!
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Polymer Clay Class

Yahoo! Finally getting around to teaching another clay class! I actually love to teach other people how to make a cane, create colorful pictures out of a hunk of clay! It is truly a wonderful way to express your creativity and I love it.

So, tomorrow my student Deborah, is coming to learn a few new techniques. Deborah wants to learn how to make a leopard skin cane! She saw my beads on my Etsy shop and wants to learn how to do it too! Awesome. Can't wait to show her how.

If anyone else is interested in learning how, just email me or post on FB what you are interested in learning and we will go from there.

Gotta go get set up for tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone.