Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October's Facebook Giveaway!

The October Winner!  "AUTUMN'S SPLENDOR" by Karen Parks of West Virginia

Congratulations Karen!

Wow! My Facebook friends had so much fun picking the best "artsy" name for the yellow & red flower bracelet and pendant set for October! I had 19 entries this month! Whew! Love it! Love it!

 I wanted to create something in fall colors, of course, since it is Fall! I chose the new Sunflower Premo color and made the yellow flower with a black/brown center. I actually chopped up the brown and black and then "smooshed" (that's a technical term ya know!) it together for the center part. It worked! The yellow flower reminds me of Black Eyed Susan's.  I am surprised nobody else thought so, but I am in my own little world I guess! LOL!

 The red flower is a mixture (Skinner blend) of Premo's Pomegranate and Premo Gold with a yellow lace cane center. I love these mixtures, especially for fall.  On some of the beads, I added a blue leaf (now i know there are no blue leaves in nature, but hey! it is my art ya know!) and also there are a few beads with a black/gold mixture as well.  The large white "daisy" flower was a cane I made a few months ago, so I thought it added some much needed contrast to the whole fall palette I was creating. I think it worked just great!

Ya'll are just not going to believe what I have conjured up for next month's giveaway! Just wait! Well, I guess you have to right? LOL! I don't know who is having more fun, you or me!

I appreciate all of you so much.  Your support for my jewelry and your feedback and friendship through the years mean so very much to me!

Stay tuned for more to come. I have so many ideas floating around in my head and I can't wait to share them with my peeps!

Hugs and Happily Beading & Claying
Sherry (a.k.a. Claychic (clay-sheek)