Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getcha' Motor Runnin'

I was having a wonderful clay day with my friend Alice Stroppel the other day in her awesome studio at her house. We were just getting started and I was "cranking" the ole pasta machine around and around to condition my polymer clay! Alice says to me, "Girl, you need to use my motorized pasta machine!" I am thinking, "oh those things are so noisy!" But, she kept insisting (bless her heart-*grin*) So, I said, "OHHHHHHKAAAAYY" I will try it. Well, my new motor should be arriving next week! LOL! And I can't wait to use it!

Alice and I had a lengthy discussion on how much our neck and arms hurt from constantly turning the crank on the pasta machine for all those years. This motor acutally fits on my existing machine and will totally eliminate all that cranking. I just wish, for my poor body, that I had purchased one sooner. I will keep you posted on how things come out! So, Thanks Alice!

New Look

Well, I was fooling around in the design area of my blog and decided I love Polymer Clay Muse has a "new look!" Let me know if you like it! I sure do!

Finally! New Posts to Etsy Shop!

Well, I have finally made myself sit down, take pictures of some of my jewelry and get it posted on my Etsy shop. I used to sell on Etsy a few years ago, and now I am back. Can't wait to show you all what I have in my "bead closet." Anyone that knows me (you students especially) know what that bead closet looks like. HA! Feel free to browse and shop. Remember Christmas is coming (I know! it is still 95 degrees) and I will post more every few days.
I love the newest "Rose of Sharon" (named after my sister Sharon) flower cane I have done, so watch for that listing coming soon. I have also designed a unique and beautiful "bling" bracelet named for my beautiful granddaughter Alyssa. I call it "The Alyssa Bracelet" of course. It is rows of gorgeous Swarovski crystals, stitched in a right angle weave with a toggle clasp on the end. It is so sweet & pretty, just like her!
Getting ready to go to Michigan on Tuesday for a few days to take my grandson Alec home. He has been with us for a month and he is having X Box withdrawal! I almost bought one, but came to my senses quickly when I realized I don't want Dean getting hooked on anything else. LOL!

So, check out my ETSY shop at
when you get the chance. And HEY! Tell your friends! I appreciate it very much.

See ya'll soon. (geez, I sound like Paula Deen)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Canes Are Comng Soon!

Yes! I am working on something new and exciting! ( a little hint-it involves wings)Finally! I know, I know, I promised to post more often. I really seem to have been in a rut lately with all the "happenings" in our little community here in Florida. It is such a busy, busy place to live, but we sure have fun.

My students have kept me busy teaching them new jewelry designs also. Plus organizing, the "bead closet" is a never ending JOB!!!! and then there is the ordering part! ugh! This year, we decided to order together to cut down on costs, because none of us really NEED all the beads we have anyway! Right gals?
Most of the students have gone back north now. It is afterall, April. And spring is in the air!

I see visions of purples, yellows, fuchsia, butterflies and hummingbirds too! wow, what cool canes you can make of those. We will see what comes next!

I have recently connected with some old high school friends on facebook. Such an interesting way to stay in touch and look into others lives, hmmmmm...

Ok, all for now! Will post pictures this week sometime, so be on the lookout!

Have a wonderful week, I know I will.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Clay Or Not To Clay

Welcome! friends, family and polymer clay artists to my first blog. I am so thrilled to be able to share with people of "like mind" and create new and exciting polymer clay projects to post! I will upload pictures of new items as they are finished and as I learn the "art of blogging & posting!" I can't wait to see what everyone else is up to in the clay art world!

My New Year's resolution comes from a quote I read somewhere from Joan Lunden. "It is the way I choose to see the world that creates the world I see!" This is a very deep and awesome statement that has inspired me to get back into my clay and really create from all those ideas running around inside my head! You guys know all the ones I am talking about; the new color hues you see, the tropical leaf cane pattern you saw on a chair at a restaurant, the baby hummingbird you saw at your friends house, and on and on!

So the answer "To Clay Or Not To Clay" is of course, To Clay! I am striving to keep on a creative path and not be sidetracked with the usual things in life. The world I choose to see is one of color and creativity, fun and humor, laughter and friends, synching mind, body & soul. So this is what I will create this year with this blog and my clay! A whole new fun way to create the person I really want to be, and take my art to a higher level!

Thanks in advance for taking the journey with me!

Sherry McKinney