Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getcha' Motor Runnin'

I was having a wonderful clay day with my friend Alice Stroppel the other day in her awesome studio at her house. We were just getting started and I was "cranking" the ole pasta machine around and around to condition my polymer clay! Alice says to me, "Girl, you need to use my motorized pasta machine!" I am thinking, "oh those things are so noisy!" But, she kept insisting (bless her heart-*grin*) So, I said, "OHHHHHHKAAAAYY" I will try it. Well, my new motor should be arriving next week! LOL! And I can't wait to use it!

Alice and I had a lengthy discussion on how much our neck and arms hurt from constantly turning the crank on the pasta machine for all those years. This motor acutally fits on my existing machine and will totally eliminate all that cranking. I just wish, for my poor body, that I had purchased one sooner. I will keep you posted on how things come out! So, Thanks Alice!

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